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Welcome to the Dean's Office

Welcome to the School of Education at the University of Pittsburgh! As we begin a second century, we should take a longer perspective and consider the transition from student to professional educator in a broader context – a century of effort at the University of Pittsburgh to prepare educators and millennia of efforts in Western society to set standards for the teaching profession.

Especially important is the realization that effective teaching requires knowing the subject, knowing how students come to understand the subject and knowing how to afford opportunities for that understanding to develop. Our committed scholars use research and creativity to do just that, impacting the lives of children at all educational levels in all types of neighborhoods.

Whether through internships in the classroom or work on major research and service projects in Pittsburgh, other American cities, or overseas, our programs emphasize the connection between learning by doing and learning through coursework. We hope to make a difference not just in the Pittsburgh arena, but regionally, nationally and internationally.

The school has nearly 1,200 students and a community of devoted and accomplished faculty and staff, who strive for excellence in cultivating the country’s best education professionals.

The three primary goals of our school are:
  • improving urban education through both research and the training of teachers and other school professionals;
  • impacting the factors outside the teacher-student relationship that influence learning (including physical activity, emotional well-being, a head start on the building blocks of school success, experiences that underscore the need for learning, and freedom from fear);
  • helping to improve regional, national, and international education policies.
We believe our students have the potential to be life-changing leaders in the field of education. Upon graduation, students use their training to embrace a professional career in which they initiate, influence, and inspire those around them.

We invite future graduate and undergraduate students to learn more about us on these pages. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding programs or career choices in the field of education. If you have the desire to make a difference in the world of learning, come join us!

We look forward to seeing you on campus.

Lindsay Clare Matsumura, Interim Renée and Richard Goldman Dean and Associate Professor

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