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Health Physical Activity Programming and Promotion - Master of Science (MS)

This Master of Science degree option will provide students the training, skills, and knowledge to pursue careers developing programs and promoting health and physical activity in a variety of settings that include workplace, schools, medical settings, health insurers, communities, and others. There is growing evidence of the importance of lifestyle in the prevention and treatment of numerous chronic conditions. Given this public health importance there has been renewed interest in implementation of lifestyle-based health enhancement programs in these settings.

Graduates from our current degree programs have secured employment as health coaches and in other areas of program development and promotion. This degree option expands this level of training of students and will build on the translational research expertise of the program faculty. For those opting for research-based careers, students will have strong foundational knowledge that will enhance their ability to compete for admission to high quality doctoral programs.

 Individuals earning a Master of Science degree in Health and Physical Activity Programming and Promotion will be qualified to pursue careers similar to the following:
  • Working in industry (e.g., corporate wellness, etc.) to develop and promotion programs related to health, physical activity, or exercise;
  • Working in health, wellness, and fitness settings to develop and promote programs related to health, physical activity, or exercise;
  • Instructing and training individuals across the lifespan [children, adults, older adults] to exercise and to become more physically active;
  • Evaluating the health, fitness, or performance benefits of exercise and physical activity;
  • Exploring the relationship between exercise and health;
  • Researching topics related to physical activi­ty, exercise, health, or a related area;
  • Pursuing additional training in public health or other related careers;
  • Pursuing additional graduate training (PhD, EdD) in physical activity and health promotion programming and promotion, or a related field.
Degree Options
Upon admission to the program and with consultation from Health and Physical Activity faculty members, students can choose between non-thesis or thesis tracks.
  • Non-thesis: minimum of 30 credits (completed in <12 months)
  • Thesis: minimum of 36 credits (18-24 months to complete)
Program Deadline
Rolling admissions with priority given to applications received by January 15 for all applicable graduate assistantships.

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