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From the teachers leading classes and the researchers studying those classrooms, to the policymakers who put standards into law and the administrators who implement the policies, the University of Pittsburgh School of Education is covering education from top to bottom, inside and out, in a variety of different arenas. We’re researchers, supervisors, teachers, policymakers, and principals working in schools, boardrooms, labs, institutes, districts, and governments across the nation and the world.

The School of Education is not only listening to the needs of its students and the marketplace but also proactively working to create programs that will benefit education at all levels.

This approach has resulted in a variety of new programs and centers. We have new, executive-style EdD and updated PhD programs. Our new special education program, MOSAIC, is one of the first in the country that allows students to earn a master’s and special education degree. We established the Center for Urban Education, which focuses its research on improving urban education in Pittsburgh and across the United States.

So take a look around, ask a question, read our programs below to discover which best aligns with your goals, and apply to come and join us.

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