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Tuition & Financial Aid



Pennsylvania Residents

$10,630 per term + $400 fees (full-time)
$858 per credit + $205 fees (part-time)

Out-of-State Residents

$17,472 per term + $400 fees (full-time)
$1,429 per credit + $205 fees (part-time)


Pennsylvania Residents

$8,646 per term + $450 fees (full-time)
$720 per credit + $214 fees (part-time)

Out-of-State Residents

$14,029 per term + $450 fees (full-time)
$1,169 per credit + $214 fees (part-time)

Financial Aid

Undergraduate Students
Financial Aid for undergraduate students in the School of Education is processed in the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid.

International Students
University policy holds that international students must provide evidence of their ability to fully fund their studies in the United States prior to acceptance. International students are not eligible for Federal Stafford Loan funds or private alternative loan funds.

Graduate Students
Many federal and state aid programs that are available to undergraduate students are not offered to graduate students. Graduate students must find alternative ways to fund the pursuit of their higher education.

Read our Guide to Graduate Financial Aid to give you detailed information about the financial aid process, help you understand your options, and get the aid that you need.

To apply for graduate loans, please follow the steps outlined on the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid's checklist.

The School of Education offers some departmental aid options to students pursuing advanced degrees. Financial assistance is available to a limited number of graduate students through Graduate Student Assistantships (GSA), Teaching Assistantships (TA), Teaching Fellowships (TF), Graduate Student Researchers (GSR), and Tuition Remission.

In addition to department aid, the School of Education has numerous scholarships and fellowships available that were established through gifts or grants, which are listed on the School and Departmental Financial Aid site. 

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