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Improving Schools, Health and Communities Through Inspired, Thoughtful Educator Research

It all starts with an idea.

Which through the vast amount of resources available at the School of Education can become a life-changing result. We develop research with the purpose of real-world applications and benefits to educators and their students. Improvements in schools, improvements in health, improvements in communities; thoughtful, in-depth research is at the heart of these positive developments.

As an integral part of our graduate programs in education, the ability to work in classrooms early in the teacher education process provides our students with experience and breaks down barriers between study and practice, classroom and community, knowledge, and public service. The highly respected research at the School of Education has been funded by sources such as the National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation, Commonwealth of PA, and local and national foundations.

Teacher Education Institutes and Centers

Our commitment to research has resulted in the establishment of additional centers and institutes to focus on specific issues, as well as other partnerships and collaborations with schools throughout the University of Pittsburgh and researchers around the world.