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Join the Center for Urban Education and it's bi-annual speaker series on
October 20, 2016 with guest lecturer Jeff Duncan-Andrade.


The Center for Urban Education (CUE) aims to sustain conditions for K-12 communities that encourage collaboration, and sponsor new dialogues focused on the meaning of scholarship and the experience of school-university engagements. These conditions begin with the axiom between research and practice: that the fundamental role of education in the twenty-first century is to synthesize reading-to learn development at the student level with evidence-based decision making at the teacher level to inform a sound, fully-functional knowledge base at the professional level and beyond. The University of Pittsburgh's School of Education has set the pace among peer institutions for research, teaching, and education reform, and the CUE serves alongside its most important school liaisons to the regional K-12 educational community, providing a scholarship of application, discovery, and integration, and leading initiatives in urban education research, training, and practice designed to determine what kinds of evidence-driven methodologies might now be explored and developed.

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Read the 2016 edition of the Center for Urban Education's newsletter, CUE'd IN. The 2015 and 2014 issues are also available.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to research and disseminate evidence-based methods for improving urban education in the Pittsburgh region and nationally. To achieve this mission, the Center for Urban Education currently pulls focus from the following three objectives:

Research and Practice

CUE will develop and evaluate improved approaches to teacher professional development and overall systemic improvement for urban school systems. Such approaches will be designed to prove that every child, regardless of race or economic status, can become competent for our information society and economy in well-operated public schools.

The concept of a high-quality regional educator training and professional development facility is developed and evaluated through the center. It also helps to develop, deliver, and document processes and tools that can yield major improvement in urban school systems.

Regional Service

The Center for Urban Education provides a strong base for partnership with the Pittsburgh Public Schools and other districts that have diverse student bodies, and work toward a systemic and coherent regional effort to improve the learning of diverse students.

Institutional Advancement

A strong foundation will be built through the center for the next generation of diverse faculty by recruiting a strong role model as a senior faculty member, giving the School a clear national identity that leverages all relevant Pitt strengths.

Rich Milner
Director, Center for Urban Education, and Dr. Helen S. Faison Chair in Urban Education