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What is Research?

Research is essential in our everyday decision making. The more research the School performs, the better understanding we have in how to educate our students so they can teach their students in a more advanced way. Faculty and graduate students are involved in a variety of research experiences ranging from more basic research to research that is applied to school settings.

Funded Research is money in forms of grants and scholarships that help us gather the information we need. Funding sources have included the Commonwealth of PA, local and national foundations, and the Federal Government.

For the 2013-2014 academic years, the faculty was awarded $30.2 million in research, training, and public service grants and contracts from external sponsors. The largest portion of our funding was received from the Federal Government including the National Institute of Health and the National Science Foundation. In addition, SOE faculty regularly secure or are participants in sponsored project funding housed in other units of the University, such as the Learning Research and Development Center, Medical Center and School of Arts and Sciences for a total of an additional $3.7 million.

We currently have over 100 Funded Grants and Research Projects.

Education funded research chart

SOE Research Fund Guidelines

When funded money is being used, there are strict guidelines that our faculty and students must obey. The full list of these guidelines can be found below:
Sample Student Research Proposals