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Ali Nabavian - Prepared to Teach and Lead

Published on 5/7/2012 7:00:00 AM

Ali Nabavian is completing his MAT while teaching at the Falk School. He explains that his favorite part of teaching thus far is when he has a “good lesson and the kids understand the majority of ideas discussed, or when you’re having a good conversation and they reference something previously learned in my class.”

Looking back, Nabavian says he decided to become a teacher based on experiences he had in school while growing up. “I wanted to do it because I thought maybe I could help or could be a better part of the education system,” he says. He adds that watching his teachers work and realizing that he could educate using his own style, combined with feeling that he can relate to kids, made him realize that teaching would be right for him.

One of the most helpful techniques for Nabavian was watching a video of himself teaching and talking about what he had planned versus what actually happened. “We then discussed what we were going to do to improve our lessons next time,” he says. “As an intern, I’ve helped teach for a whole year. And as a result, I’ve obtained a more extensive experience, gotten to know students better, and now feel prepared to teach and lead my own classroom.”

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