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McKeesport Area Fourth Grade Students Visit the School of Education

Published on 3/5/2013 6:00:00 AM

Last Friday a group of around 75 George Washington Elementary School students and their parents and teachers visited the School of Education. The students traveled from McKeesport to Posvar Hall, which was decorated with sets of different-colored panther paw prints that led four groups of students into multiple classrooms.


Once in the classrooms, School of Education teachers and students discussed a variety of topics with the fourth graders. The topics included: what they are studying; when they started to think about college; what other activities and organizations they participate in; and what they want to do after college. Then the children asked their own questions to the undergraduate and master's degree students, who are currently pursuing either a degree in applied developmental psychology or psychology in education.

Following the discussion, Pitt students guided the groups to four locations on campus in a scavenger-hunt fashion using clues to guide the search. They went to the Cathedral of Learning, Carnegie Children’s Library, student union and panther statue, and Frick Fine Arts fountain.   

The group then finished off the day at David Lawrence Hall with Pitt students sitting with the McKeesport students in small groups to have lunch.

3/5/2013 9:05:04 AM

Shannon Wanless

A fantastic event organized by Cindy Popovich of the Department of Psychology in Education. We enjoyed sharing the morning with these "rising" college students!

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