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CGSE Honors Faculty Members with the Extra Mile Award for 2012

Published on 3/27/2012 12:30:00 PM

From left: DeAnn Sloan, Jere Gallagher, Michelle Sobolak, April Mattix, Alan Lesgold, Lindsay Clare Matsumura, Jolene Zywica.

During the School of Education’s 2012 Alumni Awards, the Council for Graduate Students in Education (CGSE) also gave its own Extra Mile Award 2012 to three faculty members who “Exemplify the CGSE mission statement and take it the extra mile for graduate students in the School of Education.”

The three honorees were: Mary Margaret Kerr (Administrative and Policy Studies), Lindsay Clare Matsumura (Learning Sciences and Policy), and Michelle Sobolak (Instruction and Learning). In addition, CGSE also created a unique recognition award and presented it to Associate Dean Jere Gallagher for her work with the organization.
The nomination guidelines required graduate students to submit an online essay nomination, along with four additional brief letters of support from other students.

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