University of Pittsburgh School of Education

Academic Departments

The University of Pittsburgh offers various degrees in education so you can be sure you're receiving the most relevant training to your passion.

More than Teacher Training

The School of Education is not simply teacher training. Through our five distinct departments, we're at every level of the education field. We’re researchers, supervisors, teachers, policymakers, and principals working in schools, boardrooms, labs, institutes, districts, and governments across the world.

Because no matter what track you choose, you’ll be working with an internationally recognized faculty who will challenge your thinking, help you prepare for the future, and position you for success. So go ahead, search within our departments below to see what education graduate and undergraduate programs best align with your goals.
  • Administrative and Policy Studies (ADMPS) – Develops dynamic school leaders and policymakers to advocate beneficial advancements while managing higher education systems.

  • Health and Physical Activity (HPA) – Promotes the importance of physically active lifestyles and other health-related behaviors that lead to a better quality of life.

  • Instruction and Learning (IL) – Prepares expert teachers in specific subject areas by shaping an understanding of educating and learning from various perspectives.

  • Learning Sciences and Policy (LSAP) – Incorporates practices including learning sciences in education, teaching in the content disciplines, and organization and policy change, with the goal of improving instruction on a broader level.

  • Psychology in Education (PSYED) – Prepares graduates for professional careers in and out of the classroom (applied developmental psychology) and in the lab (research methodology).