University of Pittsburgh School of Education

About Education Leadership

A testimonial from alumna and South Hills Middle School Principal Jacqueline Hale, who graduated as part of the Leadership Initiative For Transforming Schools (LIFTS): K-12 principal certificate program. If you're interested in the Executive Cohort for Educational Leaders (ExCEL), Pitt's Superintendent's Letter of Eligibility Certificate program, you can find out more by watching Tina Checkan's testimonial, or any of the other school leadership program video testimonials.

Transform from Classroom Leader to School Leader

Paths to School Leadership

There are six specific paths within School Leadership for students to choose:

A Program Made for Working Teachers

The program offers a mostly online format that meets the needs of full-time teachers, allowing them to earn their degree in 15 months. In addition, two five-day summer leadership institutes - involving intensive internships each term with mentor principals and bi-weekly online seminars - will address the core needs of school leaders and the critical issues facing children, teachers, and administrators today.

Our Personal Internship Experience

Diane Kirk In your first semester, an instructor like Clinical Associate Professor Diane Kirk, carefully decides - based on a deep connection with schools as well as your personality, abilities, and background - which internship experience will best suit you. You'll then be assigned to a mentor principal at the elementary and secondary levels. Other benefits of the internship experience include:

  • The opportunity to network with principals at the beginning (as you discuss your area of specialization and what you need to know) and end of your program (as they help you interview for positions)
  • Your instructor staying in touch for a minimum of two years after graduation as you transition from teacher to school leader

Doctoral Degree Options

In just three years of part-time study, you can earn an EdD degree through a cohort that leads to a more practice-oriented career while accommodating the needs of working professionals through clear timelines and a hybrid course delivery model. Our PhD is a full-time program and focuses on research-based careers, allowing students to assist their faculty advisors in activities such as conceptualizing research projects, collecting and analyzing data, and writing for grants as well as publication.