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Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate

Responding to the needs of individuals looking to advance their careers, the University of Pittsburgh School of Education offers a Doctor of Education (EdD) program that serves professionals and researchers from various fields through interdisciplinary and practical experiences. The part-time EdD is a three-year cohort-based degree program that accommodates the needs of working professionals through very clear timelines and a hybrid course delivery model, including a one-day orientation, a weeklong intensive on-ramp experience, cross-disciplinary research seminars, and an internship.

The EdD helps graduates advance within their professional careers in educational administration as well as preparing students for careers as faculty within teaching-centered colleges and universities. This is in contrast to our PhD, which is a full-time program that helps to prepare graduates for research-oriented careers and/or working as faculty within research and doctoral granting universities. Get in touch to find out more information now.

Check out our EdD videos, which provide a comprehensive view of the doctoral programs available. Discover why we created the new EdD program, how our programs allow for a work/life balance, the importance of a cohort model, and the benefits of studying with students in other disciplines. Also, if you're trying to choose which doctoral path is the right one, you can also compare with our PhD program. And if you'll be joining us from outside of Pittsburgh, we have a video to give you a better sense of the city and our campus.

Social and Comparative Analysis in Education - Doctor of Education (EdD)

The Doctor of Education (EdD) degree in SCAE prepares creative and innovative professionals to apply disciplinary perspectives from the social sciences to the study of educational problems and solutions, and to provide evidence-based leadership in their chosen professional fields. EdD students conduct research related to their professional practice that examines how organizations, processes, and actors interact within educational systems to affect educational productivity and inequality. The professional practice of professionals in our EdD program is enhanced by the study of fundamental questions such as: How do social relationships within and beyond educational organizations affect instruction and learning? How do markets and incentives affect educational organizations and actors? How do educational systems and actors interact with local culture to affect educational processes and outcomes? The curriculum is a combination of foundational, specialized research methods, and SCAE specialization courses, all founded upon six commitments:

  • Deep specialized knowledge
  • Intellectual and practical skills required to innovate and lead
  • Personal and social responsibility for change
  • Application and integration of what is learned to enduring problems of practice
  • Commitment to equity
  • Active, intentional, and ongoing engagement with diversity

Through the SCAE experiences, students have the opportunity to craft competencies in areas of professional practice, critical study of educational issues, and other areas relevant to their professional goals. An internship in a supervised setting provides context for cultivating professional expertise and integrating theory and practice.

The Doctor of Education degree provides varied opportunities for graduate students to build their knowledge and expertise to take on various roles of leadership in their chosen fields or specializations, such as master educators, leaders of organizations devoted to non-formal education, leaders of national and international educational agencies, officials of educational and cultural ministries, and faculty members in higher education.

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