University of Pittsburgh School of Education

Health and Fitness - Master of Science (MS)

DeptCourse #TitleCredits
HPA2267Physiological Basis-fitness And Sport Conditioning
HPA 2267 can only be completed after the student has successfully completed HPA 2371.
HPA2268Physical Activity And Health3.0
HPA2269Obesity Prevention And Treatment3.0
HPA2371Advanced Exercise Physiology
HPA 2371 and the associated laboratory experience are required to be taken in the same academic term.
HPA2374Exercise Testing, Prescription, And Supervision3.0
HPA2320Psychosocial Aspects Of Health3.0
HPA2375Research And Experimental Design In Exercise Physiology3.0
HPA2390Nutrition In Sport And Exercise3.0
HPA2410Statistics In Hpa Research3.0
HPA2990Research Seminar In Hpa
HPA 2990 is completed only after the student has completed HPA 2375, HPA 2410, and HPA 2998.
HPA2998Directed Study
HPA 2998 is completed under the supervision of faculty. This research experience must provide data that will be used in HPA 2410 and to complete the requirements in HPA 2990.
HPA3374Advanced Laboratory Techniques3.0