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Primary Plus: PreK-4 Teacher Certificate

Early Childhood Education - Primary Plus: PreK-4 Teacher Certificate

The Primary Plus: PreK-4 Teacher Certification Program prepares students to teach young children ages 4-9 in Pre-kindergarten and K-4 classrooms and to work collaboratively with parents and other professionals. Students will develop skills for employment in public and private schools and early childhood centers. Through coursework and field experiences with pre-kindergarteners and children in grades K-4, students will acquire an integrated understanding of academic content and child development in diverse inclusive settings. The program must be completed as a full-time student. No part-time option is available.

The Primary Plus: PreK-4 Teacher Certification Program is intended for individuals from a wide range of undergraduate degree and work backgrounds. A student who successfully completes the program and passes both the PECT (Pennsylvania Education Certification Test) in PreK-4 and the PA Statewide Evaluation Form for the Student Professional Knowledge and Practice (PDE 430) is eligible to apply for a Pennsylvania Instructional I certificate for PreK-4.

  • prepares qualified graduates for initial certification in PreK-4 Early Childhood Education
  • lasts three consecutive terms for full-time students - Summer II, Fall, Spring
  • requires two full days per week in a PreK practicum and one full day per week at a K-4 student teaching site during Fall Term
  • requires twelve full weeks of student teaching in a K-4 classroom in the Spring term
  • requires obtaining all Federal and PA state clearances before entering schools

Click through to read the Primary Plus PreK-4 Teacher Certification Academic Checklist .

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