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English Education

Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT), Instructional I Certificate, or MOSAIC

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Academic Prerequisites

Area 1: Literature

This area requires a minimum of 4 three-credit courses. Courses must include reading, analysis, interpretation, and writing about literatures which reflect a diversity of genders, races, and cultural perspectives. A single course may satisfy more than one of these required foci. Examples include, but are not limited to literature courses such as, American, Women’s, African American, Native American, African, Latino/a, Caribbean, LGBTQ, Asian, World, British, or Adolescent.

Prerequisite Credits
Literature 12

Area 2: Composition

This area requires a minimum of 1 three-credit course. This courses must have a composition or writing focus. Examples include, but are not limited to, Fiction Writing, Journalism, Poetry, or Prose.

Prerequisite Credits
Composition/Writing 3

Area 3: English Electives

This area requires a minimum of 2 three-credit courses. Courses should focus on writing, English language, or English-related areas. Examples: Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, Uses of Literacy, Fiction, Non-fiction, Journalism, Poetry, *Media Studies, *Theater Arts, Film Studies, Film Production, Film Analysis, or Rhetorical Studies.
* NOTE: The Communication Concentration requires courses in Media Studies and Theater Arts.

Prerequisite Credits
English Elective 6

Education Prerequisites

Prerequisite Credits
Foundations of Special Education
Required for all applicants
Teaching English Language Learners
Required for MOSAIC and MSW/CAST applicants only.