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English Education - Master of Education (MEd)

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What is the purpose of the specialization

At the master's degree level, students may emphasize study in the specialization of English/Language Arts Education. The master's degree options are designed to help beginning and experienced elementary and secondary teachers acquire the concepts, skills, and attitudes of master teachers in their fields.

What are the requirements of the degree?

The Master of Education (MEd) is a professional degree for the graduate student who wishes to pursue advanced study in at least one field of educational effort and to demonstrate a superior level of expertise and capacity for leadership in that field. The Master of Education student prepares a Plan of Studies of a minimum of 36 credits including School of Education requirements for Basic Areas of Education (BAE) courses, a research seminar, required courses in a major field (specialization), and any additional departmental requirements. A comprehensive examination is also required.

Students will work with an English Education faculty advisor to develop a Plan of Studies in the major field that combines work in English Education courses, related studies in education, and related electives from across the university.

What are the purposes of the comprehensive exam?

The purposes of the comprehensive exam are:

  • to determine the student's eligibility to be awarded the master's degree
  • to provide some indication of the student's depth of knowledge in a selected field
  • to provide evidence of the student's ability to relate a content field to theoretical, research, or practical applications.

The comprehensive exam will consist of a take-home exam that will be evaluated by two faculty members from within the English Education program. The exam will be in the form of a PowerPoint presentation that the student could use to support his/her professional community, drawing on the work done during the program. The student will usually take this examination during his or her last term of study for the master's degree.

What are the requirements for students who have completed the School of Education's English Education certification (PY) program?

Students who have completed the English Education certification program at the University of Pittsburgh may transfer up to 18 graduate-level course credits from their certification coursework to the MEd program. Students should consult their advisors for the exact number of credits they can transfer.

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