University of Pittsburgh School of Education

English Education - Master of Education (MEd)

DeptCourse #TitleCredits
EDUC2000Psychology Of Learning And Development For Education3.0
EDUC2100Education And Society3.0
Intro to Research Methodology
Choose 3.0 credits from the following 2 courses
IL2235Theory And Practice In Teaching Language, Grammar And Usage3.0
IL2239Theory And Practice In Teaching New Media And Literacies3.0
IL2240Theory And Practice: Assessment In English Education3.0
IL2243Theory & Prac In Tchng Writing3.0
IL2246Thry & Prac: Multi-cultural Lit3.0
Choose 9.0 credits from the following 7 courses
The elective courses may be taken in the School of Education or from other schools/departments, such as English or Linguistics, as long as the courses support the student's professional growth in English Education and are approved by the student's advisor. Pitt online courses that will count as electives are: IL 2201, IL 2257, ADMPS 2117.
IL2290Research Seminr For Med Students3.0