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Foreign Language Education

Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT), Instructional I Certificate, or MOSAIC

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Academic Prerequisites - Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, or Spanish

Please note that between areas 1 and 2, a total of 30 credits are necessary (with a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 18 credits in each area); therefore, not every course option listed must be fulfilled, so long as the minimum credit requirements (as explained) are met. The following prerequisites must be fulfilled by all applicants of: Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish.

Area 1: Languages and Linguistics (12-18 credits)

Prerequisite Credits
Conversation and Advanced Conversation 3
Composition/Writing 3
Stylistics 3
Phonetics 3
Grammar 3
Syntax 3
Structure of the Language 3
Dialects 3
Morphology 3
Listening Comprehension 3
Advanced Reading (not a literature course) 3
Professional Translation 3
History of the Language 3
Introduction to Linguistics (may be taught in English) 3

Area 2: Literature and Culture (12-18 credits)

Prerequisite Credits
Civilization I 3
Civilization II 3
Major Cultural Periods 3
Cultural Heritage Courses 3
Literature Surveys 3
Author Courses 3
Genre Courses 3
Literary Period Courses 3
Cultural Period Courses 3
Thematically-based Literature Courses 3

Academic Prerequisites - Latin only

The following prerequisites must be fulfilled by all applicants of Latin only.

Latin Area 1

Prerequisite Credits
Roman Civilization 3
Latin Prose Composition 3

Latin Area 2: Advanced Electives (at least 24 credits above intermediate Latin)

Prerequisite Credits
Latin Electives 24-144

Education Prerequisites (6 credits required)

Prerequisite Credits
Foundations of Special Education
Required for all applicants
Teaching English Language Learners
Required for MOSAIC and MSW/CAST applicants only.