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Language, Literacy, & Culture

Language, Literacy, & Culture

The Language, Literacy, and Culture (LLC) area of concentration brings together four previous doctoral programs in the Department of Instruction and Learning: English Education, Foreign Language Education, Reading Education, and Social Studies Education. LLC takes an inter- and multi-disciplinary approach to the study of cultural, linguistic, social, psychological, and political perspectives on educational studies. Changing immigration patterns, the population of K-12 schools, and new empirical and theoretical advances in education together indicate the need for diverse approaches and disciplinary lenses on the fields of teacher education and classroom teaching and learning. The focus is on the examination of educational issues using sociocultural, linguistic and critical theoretical approaches that are rooted in the promotion of equity, social justice and democratic values.

The LLC area of concentration is appropriate for students with backgrounds in subject matter disciplines (such as reading, English education, foreign and second language learning, applied linguistics, and social studies education) as well as for students interested in pursuing the kinds of interdisciplinary studies in instruction and learning listed above. The interdisciplinary emphasis provides students the opportunities to work with a group of dedicated faculty with diverse backgrounds in addition to being matched with an advisor who is appropriate to their interests.

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