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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

The University of Pittsburgh School of Education’s Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programs prepare students to be nationally competitive and highly qualified for research careers in both academic and non-academic institutions. Our full-time, research-intensive PhDs produce scholars who demonstrate excellent writing and research skills, independent scholarship and productivity, and proficiency in teaching. Under the guidance of our distinguished graduate faculty, students will have the opportunity to produce peer-reviewed publications, present at professional conferences, and collaborate on grant-writing and review, positioning them to excel in their careers as researchers and faculty. Because the PhDs are full-time, students can be fully immersed in their coursework and research in preparation for an impactful scholarly career.

Mathematics Education - Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in mathematics education emphasizes the development of scholarly attainment in the theory, research, and practice of mathematics education. Graduates of this program are prepared to be faculty members in research-focused colleges or universities, researchers in non-academic institutions, or leaders in schools, universities, research facilities or other settings in which mathematics education takes place. From the beginning of the program, students have opportunities to work with faculty in research activities, eventually developing their own lines of interest, which they pursue through the dissertation phase and beyond. Currently, potential areas of work include studying student and teacher learning, particularly in urban settings, with respect to race and other issues of equity—including identifying mathematics instructional practices that provide high-quality learning opportunities to all students; studying how teachers can be supported to develop high-quality and equitable forms of practice; and understanding how students’ and teachers’ learning is influenced by the larger institutional settings in which they study and work.

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