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Science Education

Biology: Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT), Instructional I Certificate, or MOSAIC

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You must have the following academic and education prerequisites completed prior to beginning the program in the Fall term.

Requires a minimum of 38 credits of college-level coursework in Biology or related fields (e.g. Biochemistry, Environmental Science, etc.).

At least 9 credits must be upper level courses (targeted for Junior or Senior year students) and/or research internships.

Academic Prerequisites

Required Courses

Prerequisite Credits
Foundations in Biology I (with Lab) -
Foundations in Biology II (with Lab) -
General Chemistry I (with Lab) -
General Chemistry II (with Lab) -
Organic Chemistry I (with lab) -
Analytic Geometry and Calculus 1
(not included in 38 credit total)

Additional Coursework

Evidence of coursework (or equivalent academic or professional experiences) in the following areas is also required. Please note that single courses may satisfy multiple areas, if evidence can be provided and approved (e.g. a course that substantially addressed both the areas of Genetics and Biochemistry). Independent Studies and/or Junior / Senior Seminars that substantially address any of these areas may also be submitted for potential approval. Professional and/or research experiences in these areas may also be considered (e.g. a professional career / experience as a Research Assistant may be considered substantial coverage in one or more of these areas).

Prerequisite Credits
Molecular or Cellular Biology -
Genetics -
Biochemistry -
Environmental Biology or Ecology -

Education Prerequisites (6 credits required)

Prerequisite Credits
Foundations of Special Education
Required for all applicants
Teaching English Language Learners
Required for MOSAIC and MSW/CAST applicants only.