University of Pittsburgh School of Education

Social Studies Education - Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)

DeptCourse #TitleCredits
IL2260Teaching & Learning In Secondary Social Studies 11.0
IL2262Teaching & Learning In Secondary Social Studies 24.0
IL2278Practicum In Secondary Social Studies3.0
IL2502Studnt W/disab In Secndry Clssrm3.0
IL2257Teaching English Language Learners3.0
EDUC2200Disciplined Inquiry3.0
IL2827Teaching And Learning In Secondary Social Studies 33.0
IL2520Literacy Assessment & Instruction For Children With Disabilities In Inclusive Settings In Sec Clssrm3.0
IL2883Internship - Social Studies4.0
IL2828Student Teaching Seminar-social Studies1.0
IL2990Research Seminar For Mat Interns3.0
IL2883Internship - Social Studies3.0
PSYED2265Attentional Teaching Practices 11.0
PSYED2266Attentional Teaching Practices 21.0