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Social Studies Education

Social Studies Education

Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT), Instructional I Certificate, or MOSAIC

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Academic Prerequisites

Area 1: Content Prerequisites (15-18 credits)

This area requires a minimum of 5 three-credit courses. Courses must directly address content in the following topic areas. A single course may satisfy more than one of these required foci. If regional, period, and/or topic specific courses are used to meet these prerequisites, up to 3 additional credits will be required in order to meet content expectations.

Prerequisite Credits
US History 3
Western European History 3
World History (non-Western) 3
Ancient History 3
Geography 3
World Cultures 3

Area 2: Civics

The course must focus on general themes of political science, particularly those related to democracy, civic engagement, American political systems, or related topics.

Prerequisite Credits
Civics 3

Area 3: Economics

Prerequisite Credits
Economics 3

Area 4: Sociology and Social Foundations

A course in either the humanities, social sciences, or education that examines how socially constructed categories create advantages and disadvantages in social or educational institutions. Examples include  courses which explore the history, nature, or implications of classism & capitalism, heterosexism, homophobia, genderism & sexism, racism, xenophobia & ethnocentrism, religious oppression, ableism, and/or interrelated forms of subordination.

Prerequisite Credits
Sociology and Social Foundations 3

Education Prerequisites (6 credits required)

Prerequisite Credits
Foundations of Special Education
Required for all applicants
Teaching English Language Learners
Required for MOSAIC and MSW/CAST applicants only.