University of Pittsburgh School of Education

Vision Studies - Dual Certification (TVI and O&M)

Graduates with dual certification integrate skills acquired from both the TVI and O&M components of the program into a more comprehensive service. Dually certified graduates are highly desirable to potential employers, and are selected for employment over individuals who only possess single certification. A teacher who has earned Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) certification as a TVI and national professional certification in O&M from the ACVREP will have a stronger background in motor development, sensory training, concept development, and movement. See the Single certification as an O&M specialist overview or the Single certification as a TVI overview above for more specific details regarding each certification option.

Students gaining admission to the dual TVI & O&M certification program will be admitted into a fall term cohort. In this hybrid program, the didactic courses are offered online in the fall, spring, and summer terms. Within the TVI certification tract, all courses are offered online, but for each online course offered a face-to-face weekend workshop on Pitt’s Oakland Campus is required. The O&M program also requires students to participate in one 7-week on-campus summer session, completing both Techniques of O&M 1 and 2.

In addition to these didactic courses, students enrolled in the dual TVI and O&M certification tracts complete three levels of clinical practice. The first is an observational experience focused on TVI and O&M instructional practices. The second is a TVI student teaching practicum. Students apply for a PDE Instructional I teaching certificate upon successful completion of the TVI didactic coursework, the student teaching practicum, and the required Praxis II exams. The third practicum is an O&M internship (typically 12 to 14-weeks in length) scheduled at the completion of the O&M didactic courses. Students are also required to attend a weekend workshop at Pitt’s Oakland Campus prior to beginning the O&M internship. Students completing the academic and clinical requirements of the O&M curricula must pass a national certification exam in O&M (see the ACVREP website for details) in order to become eligible for O&M certification.

DeptCourse #TitleCredits
IL2525Technology For Children With VI3.0
IL2530Introduction To The Eye And Low Vision3.0
IL2531Education Of Children With VI 13.0
IL2545Education Of Children With VI 23.0
IL2547Nemeth Code/abacus3.0
IL2527Level 1 Observational Practicum: VI2.0
IL2524Level 2 Student Teaching Practicum: VI5.0
IL2750Techniques Of Orientation And Mobility 13.0
IL2540Foundations Of Orientation And Mobility3.0
IL2752Techniques Of Orientation And Mobility 23.0
IL2541Program Development: Orientation And Mobility3.0
IL2753Orientation And Mobility For Diverse Populations3.0
IL2857Level 3 Internship Practicum - Orientation And Mobility6.0
IL2532Early Intervention For Children With VI3.0