University of Pittsburgh School of Education


Applicants may choose to pursue the MEd degree through a variety of options (with or without certification):

  • MEd degree with single certification as a Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments (TVI)
  • MEd degree with single certification as an Orientation and Mobility (O&M) Specialist
  • MEd degree with dual certification (TVI and O&M)
  • MEd degree without certification but with a Vision Studies Area of Concentration

Students pairing the degree in combination with any certification option will complete additional credit hours to fulfill program requirements. Additionally, the MEd program requires students to successfully complete the Vision Studies Comprehensive Exam. The Comprehensive Exam is a proctored 3-hour exam based on the student's area of concentration and is completed toward the end of the MEd degree program.

Required MEd Courses - Basic Areas of Education

Dept Course # Title Credits
EDUC 2000 Psychology of Learning and Development for Educators 3
EDUC 2100 Education and Society 3
EDUC 2201 Introduction to Research Methodology 3
IL 2690 Research Seminar Online 3