University of Pittsburgh School of Education

Curriculum and Fieldwork


In this uniquely rigorous and efficient program, students will meet an adapted set of the core requirements of both schools, whereby a number of pre-approved courses electives in one program count dually toward course requirements in the other. The total number of credits taken will be 22-25 in education and 51-54 in social work. These credits include required field experiences for both programs.


The Certificate of Advanced Study in Teaching in Secondary Education’s field experiences will consist first of ten hours a week during the fall semester observing and teaching in a grade 7-12 classroom alongside an experienced mentor teacher. In the spring semester, the students will complete a full-time student teaching experience in the same classroom. Then in the summer semester following the first year, students will complete their foundation field placement for the School of Social Work. Finally, the concentration field practicum for social work will occur in the fall and spring semesters of the second year. This field practicum will be in a primary social work role within a school setting.

The specific plans of study for the secondary education fields can be viewed below: