University of Pittsburgh School of Education


This course will focus on approaches to the analysis of qualitative data. It is designed for students who have some experience with qualitative field research methods (introductory coursework or project experience) and have a set of qualitative data they are interested in analyzing for their own research. The principal aims of the course are to: (1) enable you to make informed and well-documented choices regarding the analysis of qualitative data that is to "establish a transparent path of inference" in your analysis and writing; and (2) explore a range of analysis strategies, techniques and tools. The course has two primary strands. The reading strand will introduce readings about qualitative analysis that delve into methodological issues, technical aspects of various approaches to qualitative analysis, validity and reliability, and issues related to writing and presentation of qualitative research. We will also examine examples of published qualitative analysis for their methodological and presentation choices. The second strand will be a practicum segment included in each course session that will provide time for consultation on your own work in small groups.

Credits: 3.0