University of Pittsburgh School of Education

Curriculum for Out of School Learning - Doctor of Education (EdD)


Year 1: Summer Year 1: Fall Year 1: Spring Year 1: Summer

Foundations: Framing, identifying, and investigating problems of practice (3 credits)

Research: Planning (3 credits)

Foundations: Ecology of Problems of Practice: Investigating Social, Political, Economic, and Cultural Contexts (3 credits

ARCO: Course 1 (3 credits)

Foundations: Leadership in Groups and Organizations: Managing Human Capital (3 credits)

ARCO: Course 2 (3 credits)

Foundations: Investigating Policy as a Lever for Change (3 credits)

Supervised Research I: EdD Research Seminar (3 credits)

Year 2: Fall Year 2: Spring Year 2: Summer

Research: Design (3 credits)

ARCO: Course 3 (3 credits)

Research: Implementation (3 credits)

ARCO: Course 4 (3 credits)

Research: Evaluation (3 credits)

Supervised Research II: Internship (3 credits)

Year 3: Fall Year 3: Spring Year 3: Summer

Dissertation Research (6 credits)

Dissertation Research (6 credits)

Dissertation Research (6 credits)


90 credits total:

Transfer credits from Master's degree in the candidate's specialized area of concentration: 30 credits

Core Courses: 24 credits (12 credits in foundations, 12 credits in research)

  • Students take eight core courses that are collaboratively designed by faculty members from throughout the School of Education, allowing them to gain an interdisciplinary perspective.

Supervised Research: 6 credits

  • EdD Research Seminar (Supervised Research I): A faculty-led inquiry group focused on developing deep knowledge in an area of interest.
  • Internship (Supervised Research II): Students choose from three types of internship experiences: a job-embedded internship, an aspirant internship, or a global studies experience.

Area of Concentration (ARCO) Courses: 12 credits

  • Students take four ARCO courses that help them to develop specialized knowledge in their area of concentration.

Dissertation of Practice Research: 18 credits

  • Students prepare a dissertation of practice proposal at the end of the second year of study and defend the project-based dissertation at the end of the third year.
  • The project should involve a substantive original research study that addresses a problem of question directly related to the student's academic and professional fields.

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