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Applied Developmental Psychology - ADP CASE Teacher Preparation

CASE: Combined Accelerated Studies in Education

The CASE Program is a unique five-year program that combines undergraduate and graduate work. Students who successfully complete the program will receive a Bachelors of Science (B.S.) degree in Applied Developmental Psychology and a Masters of Education (M.Ed.) degree in Instruction and Learning. This program of study will prepare students to apply for dual teacher certification through the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) in the following two areas:

  • Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 4
  • Special Education (Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 8)

The CASE Program provides prospective teachers with a rich blend of coursework and field experiences. Students who complete the program will gain a strong background in the liberal arts along with the specific professional and pedagogical knowledge and practice skills necessary to be an effective educator.

Undergraduate Teacher Preparation

During the freshman and sophomore years, students interested in the CASE Program, should work closely with their advisors in Arts & Sciences. Students will take 61 credits in order to fulfill the General Education and prerequisite requirements. Specifically, students will take a prescribed curriculum of 52 general education credits and 9 credits of education prerequisites.

Students who complete the prerequisite requirements may apply for admission to the CASE Program during the spring of their sophomore year, for admission in the following fall.

Students admitted to the program will follow the course of study prescribed in the ADP Teacher Preparation Track, within the Applied Developmental Psychology Major. The 66 credit sequence that takes place during the junior and senior years includes a program of rich coursework. Within this program, students will also complete a weekly school-based education practicum that takes place during each semester of the senior year.

Students who successfully complete the prescribed curriculum and all other University of Pittsburgh graduation requirements will be eligible to receive the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Applied Developmental Psychology. During their final semester of undergraduate study, students who have successfully completed the curricular requirements, and maintained a 3.0 grade point average may apply for admission to the graduate portion of the CASE Program.

Masters of Education (MEd) in Instruction and Learning

Combined Studies in Early Childhood and Special Education

Students accepted for graduate study can then enroll in the Combined Studies in Early Childhood Education and Special Education Area of Concentration in the Instruction and Learning Major, leading to a Masters of Education (M.Ed.) degree. This is a 44 credit, summer-to-spring program. Students will participate in full-time student teaching experiences during the fall and spring semesters of the graduate year.  Beginning summer 2019 (2197), the graduate program will be a 40 credit, summer-to-spring program.

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