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About Applied Developmental Psychology

The Applied Developmental Psychology (ADP) program at Pitt emphasizes the correlation between research and practice to help promote positive outcomes for children, youth, and families by offering community-based learning experiences in a variety of settings.

Master's Degree Student Profile
Rachel Albright
Helping Teens During Tough Times

Rachel Albright
The master's degree program prepares students for professional careers in a variety of practitioner roles, such as program directors/administrators, child life specialists, behavior and developmental specialists, behavior specialist consultants (BSCs), youth advocates, and research coordinators.

Doctoral Degree Student Profile
Joseph Pierl
Improving Social and Emotional Learning

Joseph Pierl
The doctoral degree program prepares students for academic, policy, and research positions in universities, public and private research organizations, and government agencies.

Employment and Career Opportunities

ADP Careers
ADP Careers

There is a growing need for professionals who understand development and can apply this knowledge to research and practice among diverse populations. Examples of where graduates are employed include:

Master’s level:
  • Community-based mental health agencies
  • Community outreach programs
  • K-12 schools
  • Healthcare settings (including children’s hospitals as a child-life specialist)
  • Advocacy and policy organizations
  • Out-of-school programs
  • Pursuing doctoral-level training
Doctoral level:
  • Universities
  • Research organizations
  • Government agencies