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Applied Developmental Psychology - Bachelor of Science (BS)

The undergraduate major in Applied Developmental Psychology (ADP) develops the skills and knowledge needed for professional work in child and youth care, education and other related human service fields. ADP also prepares students for graduate school in such fields as education, psychology, and social work. Coursework includes developmental theory and research covering birth through early adulthood, professional issues, family dynamics, cultural distinctions, disabilities, psychopathology, curriculum and activity planning, practice skills, and supervision.

The undergraduate major in Applied Developmental Psychology (ADP) includes three distinct areas of concentration that lead to a BS degree:

  • ADP Traditional
  • ADP Practitioner
  • ADP CASE (Combined Accelerated Studies in Education)

ADP Traditional Concentration

The ADP Traditional Concentration is full-time and the curriculum is organized into four terms of upper-division (junior and senior year) study. Students in the Traditional concentration will participate in a 12 credit internship during their senior year.

ADP Practitioner Concentration

The ADP Practitioner Concentration is part-time and designed to provide employed students working with children, youth and families with an opportunity to complete their BS degree while continuing to work. Courses are scheduled mostly in the evenings to accommodate work schedules. The internship is modified in order to use the student’s work site as a valuable learning opportunity.

ADP Combined Accelerated Studies in Education (CASE) Concentration

The ADP CASE Concentration is a five-year program that includes coursework at both the undergraduate (in the ADP and Instruction & Learning programs) and graduate (in the Instruction & Learning program) levels. Students successfully completing the program are eligible to apply for Pennsylvania teacher certification in Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 4 and Special Education Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 8. Students will receive 2 degrees: a BS in Applied Developmental Psychology and a Masters of Education (M.Ed.) degree in Combined Studies in Early Childhood Education and a Special Area of Concentration.

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