University of Pittsburgh School of Education

About Research Methodology

Graduate students of the Research Methodology program acquire skills in the areas of measurement, research design, and statistical methods.

master’s degree program allows students to explore the field of research methodology. Students with a master’s in the field can:
  • Conduct research of an applied nature;
  • Develop, validate, and examine the technical quality of tests, assessments, and surveys;
  • Analyze and interpret data; and
  • Translate research findings for application to educational and other settings, such as school effectiveness research.
Students in the doctoral degree program obtain advanced training in research methodology and are prepared for professional careers in research, teaching, and professional practice. Graduates are also capable of conducting research independently, constructing measurement instruments, examining the role of testing and assessment in education and education policy, contributing to measurement and statistical theory, and teaching measurement and statistics.

Research methodology also provides training in the use of statistical and measurement computer programs to study important research questions in education and the social sciences. Students are involved in research activities to complement course work, along with having opportunities to contribute to chosen professions by presenting research papers at colloquia and conferences, and publicizing them in professional journals.

Examples of internship sites:

  • Educational Testing Service
  • College Board
  • Pearson Assessments
  • American College Testing Program

Assessments are being used more often in determining individual competency in education and other areas like certification programs. Further, there is a growing need for empirically based answers to important educational and social research questions. Examples of where graduates are employed:

  • Universities
  • Research organizations
  • Testing organizations
  • Local and state educational agencies
  • Private foundations and agencies
  • Government agencies
  • Industry
Starting salaries typically range between $45,000 and $120,000, depending upon graduate degree, career setting, and location.