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Research Methodology - Master of Education (MEd)

The master's degree is a program of studies for students who wish to explore the field of research methodology. It also allows for the possibility of continued study toward the doctorate. All students in the master's program are expected to develop methodological competencies defined by the curriculum of the master's program. Students successfully completing the degree are capable of participating in research of an applied nature, developing and validating assessments, analyzing test data, translating research findings for applicaions to educational settings, and assisting professional educators with test selection and with the interpretation of data.

The master's curriculum emphasizes competencies in measurement, research design, statistics, and data analysis using computers. These include an understanding of (a) the theory and application of test instrument construction and evaluation; (b) the strengths and weaknesses of various research designs; and (c) the statistical procedures used for data analyses. Students also take courses in three Basic Areas of Education (human development, education and society, and disciplined inquiry). These courses cover the fundamental theories, practical applications, social context, and historical foundations of education, and help students become professional educators. The first four terms in the program are devoted to coursework which develops the above competencies. Toward the end of their course work, students spend one term in a supervised research setting where they have the opportunity to apply their skills and competencies. A comprehensive examination is also required. Upon satisfactorily completing the program, students are awarded the M.Ed. degree.

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