University of Pittsburgh School of Education

A Family's Legacy

Originally published in the Winter 2005 issue of the World of Giving

Dr. Carol (EDUC '64) and Gene (CAS '66) McGrevin As a child, Carol Zord McGrevin (EDUC '64) grew up watching her mother Lois, teach elementary school. It was during those precious experiences that McGrevin learned to love the field of education and was inspired to become a teacher herself.

"She was a wonderful woman and amazing educator," says McGrevin of her mother. "[She] was always patient, graceful, and controlled."

Lois Lyden Zord (EDUC '33) taught school until she began a family. When Carol was 12, her mother returned to work teaching kindergarten in the Baldwin-Whitehall School District until she retired.

Raised in Whitehall, Carol decided to attend her mother's alma mater, the University of Pittsburgh. She was so enthusiastic about her choice that she persuaded her boyfriend, Gene McGrevin (CAS '66), to attend Pitt as well. They later married in Heinz Memorial Chapel. Carol McGrevin went on to become a classroom teacher, an elementary school principal, and assistant superintendent of schools. After receiving her doctorate in educational leadership, she then joined the professorial ranks in higher education where she developed continued training and development seminars for school administrators.

"I was so fortunate to receive a scholarship when I was a student at Pitt," says McGrevin. "It is something that I will always be grateful for and will never forget."

Perhaps it was with that thankfulness in mind that after the passing of Carol McGrevin's mother in 2003, the McGrevins decided to create the Lois Lyden Zord and The Honorable Joseph Zord Endowed Scholarship to honor Carol's parents. This fund also recognizes in a special way her mother's lifelong vocation to education by supporting students interested in that field.

"I believe it is so important to support teachers and the field of education," says McGrevin. "There wouldn't be great doctors, scientists, or researchers in the world without great teachers. I hope this fund will help inspire others, as I was."