University of Pittsburgh School of Education

What is the Mission of CGSE?

CGSE is an organization designed to represent the academic, social, and professional interests and concerns of all graduate students in the SOE. Specifically, the purposes of CGSE consist of the following:
  • To promote proactive student involvement and representation in SOE and University governance;
  • To promote academic excellence by organizing and supporting activities designed to enhance SOE students' academic growth and success;
  • To promote cross-cultural understanding by facilitating opportunities for social interaction and collaboration among culturally diverse groups of students;
  • To promote student professional development by organizing and supporting activities or affiliations designed to enhance students' professional growth and future success; and
  • To promote a caring and respectful academic, social and professional atmosphere in the SOE.

What Can CGSE Do For You?

CGSE operates lounge in 5100 Wesley Posvar Hall, which provides a comfortable place for students to meet, study, socialize, and get to know one another. The CGSE Lounge is also available for use by graduate students for formal meetings and other special events.
  • CGSE orients new students to the local and university communities.
  • CGSE sponsors social and academic events each year such as the Fall and Spring Social, the Annual Student Research conference, the Multicultural Festival, and Brown Bag sessions.
  • CGSE funds small travel grants to support student participation in professional conferences.
  • CGSE provides you with opportunities to interact, collaborate, and form friendships with future educational professionals from the local area, across the country, and around the world.
  • CGSE offers you an opportunity to serve your department and fellow graduate students by becoming involved in the organization in a leadership capacity.
  • CGSE facilitates your participation and representation in SOE governance. You have a unique opportunity to participate and collaborate with faculty and staff in the governance of the school. Participating as an elected student representative on one of the SOE governance committees will give you an opportunity to participate in important policy initiatives and decisions that affect all students.
  • CGSE sponsors an Annual Student Research Conference for students in all five academic departments in the SOE. Participating in the conference will give you the opportunity to engage in a variety of activities you are likely to engage in throughout your professional life such as writing proposals, conducting research, making presentations, and exchanging intellectual ideas with your colleagues.

Please stop by the CGSE office and student lounge at 5100 Wesley Posvar Hall.

You can contact CGSE via email at You may also wish to contact our officers or student representatives.