University of Pittsburgh School of Education


Description of Office Duties

See also: CGSE By Laws


Directs the agenda of the Council of Graduate Students in Education, presides at its monthly and special meetings, represents CGSE before the School of Education and the University of Pittsburgh, signs all checks and contracts, helps the Treasurer/Business Manager prepare the annual budget and oversees disposition of all CGSE funds, and responsible for the success of CGSE operations and programs which serve the graduate students within the School of Education.


Assists the President in the organization and direction of CGSE, helps to keep CGSE in compliance with the Bylaws, replaces the President in his/her absence.


Maintains official records of the organization, including the monthly meeting minutes and their public availability, conducts CGSE correspondence (in the absence of paid staff), and maintains and updates the membership roll.

Treasurer/Business Manager

Maintains and balances the organization's ledger, manages all business transactions, presents monthly treasurer reports to the CGSE executive board, ensures annual auditing of the organization's accounts, participates in the next year's proposed organizational budget, and attends GPSA meetings.