University of Pittsburgh School of Education

Registering for Classes

With the exception of Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) students, School of Education students self-enroll in their courses. (MAT students will be enrolled by the Office of Admissions and Enrollment). Self-enrollment is done through the web portal. Here is an overview of the steps you’ll need to take.

  1. Log in to your Student Center through (click “Student Center,” “Self Service,” and then “Student Center.”)
  2. Find your enrollment appointment listed on the page. The system will not permit you to enroll before that date.
  3. Before your enrollment period begins, schedule a meeting with your advisor to plan which courses you will take.
  4. Once your period begins, go back into your Student Center, click “Enroll,” and select the correct courses. For courses with variable credits, please make sure to select the appropriate number.

If an academic advisement Hold shows in your account, you must schedule a meeting with your advisor to discuss it. Only your advisor can remove this hold.

If another hold is listed, please call the Office of Admissions and Enrollment at 412-648-2230, and we will help you determine who you need to contact.

Schedule of all University courses