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Teacher Preparation: What Every Student Needs

Teaching and learning are the most central activities of education; they involve the teacher, the learner, the content, the strategies, and the context for instruction. The mission of the Department of Instruction and Learning (DIL) is to provide regional, national, and international leadership in the study and improvement of teaching and learning in diverse educational settings.

The department addresses its mission through three interrelated efforts: research, the preparation of teaching/practitioner professionals, and service. In carrying out these efforts, the faculty shares the goals to:
  • generate, disseminate, and apply new knowledge about teaching, learning, and performance in various educational settings;
  • identify the factors and features that contribute to the design and implementation of effective professional preparation programs in education;
  • provide exemplary initial preparation and continuing education programs or teachers/specialists in the traditional major academic content areas and in selected related areas central to the operation of effective schools;
  • provide the opportunities for advanced-level students in selected specialized areas to become highly competent scholar-researchers and scholar-practitioners;
  • contribute to the educational development of school-aged, university, and adult students in the region through a variety of direct instructional programs; and
  • enhance that development further by contributing to the design and implementation of exemplary school-based programs through various university-school-community partnerships.
Faculty and staff in the Department of Instruction and Learning are committed to providing ongoing support to mentor and cooperating teachers, interns, student teachers, and university supervisors. Students engaged in clinical experiences, faculty and advisors, and cooperating teachers can access all program specific forms, documents, and handbooks below.

Teacher Preparation Publications, Handbooks, and Forms
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