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Literacy Tutoring Services

Literacy Tutoring Services

The University of Pittsburgh's Reading Center is located on the 5th Floor of Wesley Posvar Hall. The Center is staffed by graduate students in the Reading Education program and provides literacy tutoring for students from parochial, private, and public schools in the local area.

The Reading Center provides tutoring services on a first come-first served basis during the following times:
  • Spring Term (from January to April)
During the Spring Term, weekly sessions take place on Saturday mornings.

The sessions are typically 60-90-minutes and take place in small group or one-to-one settings.

Application Procedures/Costs

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Karen Rissling
5132 Wesley W. Posvar Hall
University of Pittsburgh
230 South Bouquet Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15260

There is a $75 deposit required for all students. The fee for students who receive instruction in a small group is $150. The fee for students who receive individual tutoring is $200.

University of Pittsburgh employees receive a 20% discount on all services.

Students will be accepted based on the order in which their applications were received. Waiting lists are maintained and applicants will be contacted for a subsequent term if not accepted into the term that was first requested.

More Information about the Literacy Tutoring Services

The graduate student tutors work with students in small tutoring rooms equipped with essential teaching and assessment materials. Graduate students design an individualized or small group program of study based upon a battery of diagnostic assessments that they administer to the students during the first few sessions.

Once formal tutoring begins, tutors and students work together with a variety of materials and approaches to improve reading proficiency. All assessments, lesson plans, reflections, and diagnoses are supervised closely by the Reading Center Director, Dr. Sobolak.

The Reading Center activities culminate each term in a Celebration of Literacy Day during which students are given special certificates of completion, an opportunity to showcase something they read or wrote about a favorite book, and participate in an informal celebration of reading and writing with family and graduate students.

Caregivers/parents are provided with a comprehensive professional report detailing their child’s work and progress over the term. Reports are prepared by the graduate students who tutor the children, reviewed by the director and assistant director (who is a doctoral student of reading education), and mailed to caregivers/parents with other pertinent literacy pamphlets and information.

What about additional questions or concerns?

Dr. Michelle Sobolak, Director of Reading Center
Office Phone: 412-648-7304

Karen Rissling, Assistant Director
Center Phone: 915-433-6004