University of Pittsburgh School of Education


We are LEADERS - Literacy Educators Assessing and Developing Early Reading Success.
  • LEADERS was developed to help teachers address the needs of students who are at-risk for encountering difficulties in early reading.
  • LEADERS is designed to provide intensive, stable professional development and ongoing, in-classroom support for teachers in schools serving high numbers of students who struggle to learn to read.
  • LEADERS staff development project has an additional goal to encourage and prepare teachers to serve as coaches or mentors for others in their buildings or districts, thus strengthening the capacity within the school for improving instruction.
  • LEADERS' ultimate goal is to improve students' reading achievement by incorporating research-based strategies in classrooms and systematic change in target schools.
  • LEADERS is a four-year project funded by an Eisenhower Grant, Pennsylvania Department of Education; it also receives support from the Division of Federal Programs, Pennsylvania Department of Education.
Some of the most popular resources included our teaching strategies section include:
  • Reading Assessment
  • Classroom Environment - small groups, responsive classroom, flexible grouping, differentiated instruction
  • Comprehension - oral questioning, doing the story, five finger retelling, written retelling, understanding basic directions, shaping up comprehension
  • Decoding - letter-sound knowledge, blending sounds into words, word building, word walls, "bananas" for sight words, sandwich drill
  • Fluency - words per minute, partner repeated reading, word walls
  • Parent Involvement - story stacks
  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Vocabulary - story vocabulary writing, personal word banks, silly voice vocabulary
  • and more...