University of Pittsburgh School of Education

How can I use the LEADERS Listserv?

By Allison Swan and Kimberly Simons, Pittsburgh LEADERS Staff Members

The LEADERS project runs a secure listserv through the University of Pittsburgh's School of Education server. All first and second year LEADERS teachers are encouraged to use this resource. The listserv consists of a group of LEADERS teachers from across the state, plus site coordinators, liaisons, and workshop presenters.

Listserv Goals: The goal of the listserv is two-fold: it serves as a communications device for sharing both practical information (e.g. announcements on upcoming workshops) and teaching information (e.g. "Does anyone know a strategy or lesson plan to use for writing in the content areas, specifically science?") among participants. The listserv allows us to talk with each other, keep up with what is happening in our program, ask questions, get ideas from each other, share useful strategies, and keep the lines of communication open between sites.

Here's how it works: Let's say that, as a LEADERS member, you would like to ask for the input of other LEADERS members about a question you have, or you find a great new idea that you want to share with them. You log in to your personal e-mail account and create an e-mail which you send to the e-mail address of the listserv. Your e-mail automatically goes to the personal e-mail accounts of every other member of the listserv. Each person sees the e-mail from you in his/her inbox. Each person can then answer your e-mail, either by sending an answer to the e-mail address of the listserv so that everyone can read it, or by sending you an individual response to your personal e-mail address.

To join the listserv: Since the listserv is secure, LEADERS members interested in participating need to place a request in order to be subscribed to the listserv. LEADERS teachers should talk to their site liaisons or communicate directly with Allison Swan at the University of Pittsburgh.