University of Pittsburgh School of Education

Doing the Story

LEADERS Handbook of Early Literacy Strategies and Activities

Time: Variable
Group Style: Small group or partners work best
Grade Level: 1-3


This activity not only demonstrates comprehension, but also integrates the arts.


  • Selected book or story
  • Video camera (if you wish to tape it)


  1. After students have completed reading the text, instruct each group that they are to act out the story. (Modeling and practice will be necessary!)
  2. Remind students that they should include the beginning, middle and end when they are retelling.
  3. Give the groups 5 minutes to plan and practice.
  4. Provide time for each group to share their version of the story.

Teacher Comments

Avoid turning this activity into a major production. With only 5 minutes to plan, students are forced to get their act together. (No pun intended.)