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Partner Repeated Reading

Partner Repeated Reading

LEADERS Handbook of Early Literacy Strategies and Activities

Time: Varies
Group Style: Partners
Grade Level: K-6


The purpose of this strategy is to provide an opportunity to read orally and to give repeated practice to improve fluency as well as self-confidence.


  • Instructionally leveled text
  • One chair per student


  1. Pair students carefully, i.e. (high, middle) (middle, middle) (middle, low).
  2. Arrange the chairs side by side facing in opposite directions so that the students are reading next to each other's ears.
  3. Students take turns reading through the text, one sentence at a time. Then repeat the text with students reading the opposite sentences from those they read the first time.

Teacher Comments

You can move around the room, focusing on the children who need more focus on fluency. It is manageable with noise if students use their "inside" or "6-inch voices."

Resource Texts

Wiley Blevins
Building Fluency: Lessons and Strategies for Reading Success
Scholastic Books, 2002
Sharon Walpole and Michael C. McKenna
The Literacy Coach's Handbook: A Guide to Research-Based Practive - Solving Problems in the Teaching of Literacy
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