University of Pittsburgh School of Education

Doctor of Education (EdD) Overview

Work/Life Balance

  • The format addresses the schedules of working professionals via alternate course delivery methods.
  • The schedule allows for degree completion in three years of study.
  • The curriculum merges several types of learning environments, including a one-day orientation, a weeklong intensive on-ramp experience, hybrid seminars, cross-disciplinary research seminars, and an internship.
  • As an EdD student, you participate in a one-week on-ramp experience during your first term of study that includes immersion in two courses.
  • The EdD program uses a hybrid model of education delivery. You participate in online course experiences and come to campus one Saturday per month beginning in the summer of your first term of study.

Cohort and Interdisciplinary Format

  • The format promotes collaborative learning, shared experiences, and interdisciplinary knowledge through a cohort structure.
  • You’ll gain a deeper understanding of content area through collaborative learning and shared experiences.
  • You’ll receive support via a cohort structure during your three years in the program as well as for your career after graduation.
  • Through face-to-face interactions and online learning groups, the varied classroom structure provides opportunities for you and faculty to form and access communities of practice.

Candidates for the Program
The ideal candidate for admission will have the following profile:
  • A clearly defined rationale for pursuing an EdD and an area of concentration
  • Significant work experience in the chosen area of concentration
  • Solid academic preparation, including a master’s degree in a relevant field of study

To learn more, schedule a preadmission consulting appointment with 
Graduate Enrollment Manager, Rashee Ferguson.