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Motivation Center

The Motivation Center (MC) is an interdisciplinary research center that will provide leadership on motivation, learning, and child development studies. It will also advance the development of non-cognitive factors and learning in formal and informal settings for students from pre-K to undergraduate. To view the center's new website, go to Specifically, the center aims to:
  • Identify predictors, mediators, and outcomes of student motivation and engagement that are amenable to interventions;
  • Advance the quality and use of empirical evidence on innovations to improve STEM instruction, academic and socioemotional learning, and education policy;
  • Enhance motivation and capacity of women, ethnic minorities, and other underrepresented groups to pursue education and careers in STEM;
  • Provide training opportunities for undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral students interested in studying the social and psychological origins of individual and group differences for achievement motivation and engagement;
  • Establish partnership with communities and schools to develop effective means of incorporating research into education.

Motivation Center Chair and Associate Professor Ming-Te Wang [far right] leads a discussion for the center's
executive committee, composed of faculty members and doctoral students.

The center has five strengths:
  1. Non-cognitive factors and learning
  2. Early childhood education and school readiness
  3. Race, poverty, inequality, and achievement gap
  4. Affective arousal, emotions, and learning
  5. Educational access and transition from childhood to adolescence to adulthood


Associate Professor Ming-Te Wang and Associate Professor Tanner Wallace
Center for Motivation Co-chairs

Center for Motivation Website:

Contact Cole Cridlin with any questions related to the MC at or 412-648-7036.