University of Pittsburgh School of Education

Research in the School of Education

For the 2016-2017 academic year, School of Education faculty was awarded more than $25 million in research, training, and public service grants and contracts from external sponsors. The largest portion of our funding was received from the federal government including the National Institute of Health and the National Science Foundation. We currently have more than 100 funded grants and research projects, which can be viewed here.

The grants team in the school of education collaborates with faculty to identify potential funding sources, develop budgets, complete grant applications, and monitor awards. Our staff supports faculty members and graduate students to make this process as efficient as possible and ultimately engage in research that can have real-world implications and impacts.

For further information about the grants office, please contact Lindsay Clare Matsumura at 412-624 6944 or Those interested in finding out more information related to School of Education external funding, policies, and research can view our Grants Management section on the SOE intranet.

Meet Our Team

Lindsay Clare Matsumura
Associate Dean
Phone: 412-624-6944

Tommy Bost
Manager of Grants and Contracts
Phone: 412-624-0670

George McClure
Grants Pre-Award Manager 
Phone: 412-648-7085

Susan Katz Sherlock
Grants Assistant
Phone: 412-648-1738