EdD Program Curriculum

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Curriculum Overview

The EdD degree at the Pitt School of Education consists of 84 credits. Of that total, a student is required to transfer 24 credits of qualified coursework from a master's program into the program. That reduces the amount of your required new credits to 60 credits. Students must have earned a B grade or better on each of their master's courses in order for the credits to qualify.

Course Type  
Core Courses 24 credits
Guidance in Scholarly Practice 18 credits
Major 12 credits
Review of Supporting Scholarship 3 credits
Laboratory of Practice 3 credits
Total Credits 60 credits

Core Courses (24 credits)

These courses provide an interdisciplinary perspective and are designed by faculty members from across the Pitt School of Education. 

  • Foundations Courses (12 credits) equip you with the knowledge and competencies to develop as a leader and scholar-practitioner through topics such as today’s educational landscape, equity and justice, policy, and change.
  • Practitioner Inquiry Courses (12 credits) introduce and develop your expertise in tools for improvement in complex systems. Within these courses, you also will develop your plans for your third-year Dissertation in Practice.
  • Major Courses (12 credits) are based on your major.

Guidance in Scholarly Practice (18 credits)

The scholarly practice project addresses a problem or dilemma directly related to your academic and professional fields.

EdD Major (12 credits)

These courses will help you develop specialized knowledge in your major.

Review of Supporting Scholarship (3 credits)

This course helps you complete your second milestone, a review of scholarship that helps inform your problem of practice and potential solutions for it. 

Laboratory of Practice (3 credits)

This course will allow you to choose to complete one of three different experiences: a job-embedded, aspirant, or global studies experience.