EdD Program Curriculum

Curriculum Overview

The EdD degree at the Pitt School of Education consists of 90 credits. However, students will  transfer 30 credits of qualified coursework from a master's program to the program. That reduces the amount of your required new credits to 60 credits.

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Course Type  
Core Courses 24 credits
Guidance in Scholarly Practice 18 credits
Area of Concentration (ARCO) 12 credits
Supervised Practitioner Inquiry 3 credits
Laboratory of Practice 3 credits
Total Credits 60 credits

Core Courses (24 credits)

  • These courses provide an interdisciplinary perspective and are designed by faculty members from across the Pitt School of Education. 
  • Foundations courses (12 credits) equip you with the knowledge and competencies to develop into a leader-scholar-practitioner through a focus on leadership, organizational development, and policy/practice
  • Practitioner Inquiry Courses (12 credits) develop your expertise in information-collection methods related to your research (e.g. data collection, surveys, interview techniques, and framing techniques)

Guidance in Scholarly Practice (18 credits)

  • The scholarly practice project addresses a problem or dilemma directly related to your academic and professional fields.

Area of Concentration (12 credits)

  • These courses will help you develop specialized knowledge in your area of concentration (ARCO).

Supervised Practitioner Inquiry (3 credits)

  • This doctoral inquiry seminar is led by a group of faculty members and is focused on developing deep knowledge in your area of interest

Laboratory of Practice (3 credits)

  • This course will allow you to choose to complete one of three different experiences: a job-embedded, aspirant, or global studies experience