Education/School Leadership Programs

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Developing School Leaders and Administrators

The Pitt School of Education offers degree and certificate programs in the area of education leadership. We will prepare you to become a leader capable of transforming your school to meet the needs of today and tomorrow. The imperative has never been greater given the effects of a society that is increasingly information-based, technological, global, and diverse.

We've designed our programs with flexibility in mind in order to accommodate working professionals. 

Certificate Options

K-12 Principal Certificate

Our K-12 Principal Certificate Program, known as the Leadership Initiative for Transforming Schools (LIFTS), develops educational leaders who are inspired by a sense of justice to improve the achievement of all students. This program encourages administrative leadership through academic rigor in the classroom, authentic experiences in schools, and reflective learning opportunities that integrate personal and professional growth.

Superintendent's Letter of Eligibility Certificate

Our Superintendent's Letter of Eligibility Certificate Program, known as the Executive Cohort for Educational Leaders (ExCEL), is meant for superintendents and other executive school leaders. It prepares you to champion your school through its emphasis on vision and transformational leadership, relationship leadership and governance, and competent management of resources.

Degree Options

Master of Education in Education (MEd) Leadership

Our MEd in Education Leadership program is built around a curriculum that covers psychological perspectives on education, research methods, and social and cultural perspectives on education. 

Doctor of Education (EdD) in Education Leadership

Our EdD in Education Leadership is suited for principals and administrators who plan on becoming superintendents. The program leads to the Superintendent's Letter of Eligibility in three years of part-time study. 

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Education Leadership

Our PhD in Education Leadership is the highest level of degree offered at the University of Pittsburgh. It prepares you to become highly qualified for research careers both in academic and non-academic institutions.