Student Loan Programs

Students at the Pitt School of Education have access to student loan programs to help finance the cost of their education. Your education with us is an investment in your long-term future. 

Federal Stafford Loans

Many of the students in the Pitt School of Education fund their schooling through the use of federal Stafford Loans. To obtain more information on the Stafford Loan, including details on loan limits, please visit:

Graduate PLUS Loans

To obtain more information on the Grad PLUS Loan, including details on how to apply, please visit the following page via

Private Alternative Educational Loans

Many graduate students require additional funds for educational and living expenses, not covered by the federal Stafford Loan Program. To obtain more information on Alternative Loan Programs, including a list of potential lenders, please visit:

Additional Information

The University of Pittsburgh Office of Admissions and Financial Aid (OAFA) has created a Financial Aid Checklist for students. Please visit the Graduate Students section of the checklist for more information: